Pretty brief story of sneakers – how did they become so attractive

Even though sneakers became greatly attractive just a few years ago, they have already been present for a rather long time and own their own history. As early as in the 18th century men and ladies were wearing sport shoes (which were less or more convenient, depending on the production process back then. Nevertheless, it was only beginning of the twentieth century when sneakers started to be mass produced.

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Certainly, it look quite different than shoes we have on our minds nowadays when hearing the word “sneakers”. There are two things in common though:

- To begin with, the name. These shoes were already called “sneakers”. Why? ’Cause person who was wearing them could easily sneak up, as these shoes were greatly quiet and made no noise.

- Secondly, this was sporty shoes, which were much more comfortable than standard ones. At the beginning, they were mainly worn to play sports and during sport activities. However, it also started to change quite soon.

In 1950 young people were already wearing sneakers as a fashionable accessory. Nevertheless, the real popularity of sneakers became in the 80s. in the United States. Why? Firstly, the fashion for staying fit has begun. Man were admiring Arnold Schwarzenegger and were able to work out for hours in case to have a body like him. Girls were working out in front of the TV, fighting for fit body.

Secondly, emergence of hip hop subculture. Most of famous rappers and skateboarders were wearing sneakers. That become kind of a trademark. As a consequence, young people started to follow them and to wear sneakers too (explore here). What’s more, Michael Jordan also should be mention in this article. He was a first known around the word person, that became some type of an ambassador for sneakers The model Nike Air Jordan 1 is well known and widely recognized even today, many years later.

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Within the last decade, sneakers became a permanent element of fashion. If someone wants to be fashionable, there is no other option but having a pair of sneakers. Young and old individuals wear them as an very fashionable accessory. Many men and women wear them while going to the party. Many women wear sneakers reebok (transfer here) together with mini skirts. Such a mix of styles has recently become very popular. And this makes sneakers even more successful than earlier.
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