Why is the external wall insulation that important while building a house?

Depending on the thermal insulation characteristics of the walls, their dimensions and the technique of warming the building, heat worth many thousand zlotys annually can escape from the building.

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For numerous investors, this is a sufficient reason to take into consideration insulation of walls.

In most circumstances, the walls may be isolated in a fairly simple way. It is truthful that restoration will lead to substantial amounts, but the outcome will be not solely smaller heating bills, but also better the aesthetics of the building. If the house was still constructed in the old manner, it is almost certain that it requires thermo-innovation. But external wall insulation can also be requested in buildings constructed later – when during the work the layer of isolation applied was too light. In both cases, the renewal is supposed to be anticipated by a thermal audit. This is a study conducted by expert organizations, permitting not solely to determine how much heat slips away from the house, but also to precisely indicate places that need particular attention. The component of the audit may also be the thermovision test. The next step is to choose the method\technique of insulating the walls. At this point, many shareholders are wondering which isolation to pick. The broad majority of buildings in our country is isolated with styrofoam or mineral wool. Both materials are characterized by similar thermal insulation (additional information) properties.

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A substitute to wool and foamed polystyrene are polyurethane or polyethylene foams. Due to the somewhat elevated cost, they have not yet gained much popularity, although they have several benefits.
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