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In twenty-first century, the vehicle is something more than automobile which has several tyres. The vehicle makers try their best to produce the automobile which is comfy for the drivers and other passengers who do not must be annoyed during the long distance journey.

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Written by: L.C. Nøttaasen
1 of the car business which has introduced many revolutions is German organization, famous as BMW. The text will focus on an innovation which is navigation system devoted only to the given vehicle. BMW company produces improvements which can match every car, but most of the models have their own items like radios, navigation systems and additional. An excellent example can be nbt retrofit navigation which has been designed only for retrofit bmw e90 (more). In this way, every car owners of BMW car knows which goods are appropriate for their models and they can purchase extra devices quicker and with no any risk that the goods may not fit.

What are the fundamental features of the BMW’s navigation system?

• Navigation in your own dialect – though BMW automobiles are manufactured in the Germany, the words used in navigation is not German. There are numerous various languages to choose from, plus Asian, Polish, Asian, Chinese and more.

• 3 dimensional maps – the maps help in finding to the location place sooner, because the driver is aware that exactly which turn to take and how far it is from the current position of the vehicle.more on that subject ( is extremely practical in huge cities where there is numerous crossroads at one street.

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• The latest maps – the BMW maps can be upload all three months, so you can be certain that you have the newest roadmaps and you will not get lost.

• Navigation dedicated just for BMW cars – the navigation is placed in the radio, so here is no need to buy additional products. Furthermore, you do not need to take the extra equipment and remember to charge them. It is great convenience.

The BMW automobile organization has launched on the marketplace the devices which are very contemporary and quite easy to make use of. Furthermore, they can be applied by every vehicle user, no matter where they live and love traveling their cars.
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