Things that are useful to know about modern portraits

Many individuals do not know anything about portraits. If you asked them about this, they would probably answer that they have seen various portraits in places such as castles or museums. It makes a lot of sense, as a few years ago those places where actually the only location, where you could see real portraits.

However, fashion changes and tons of men and females make a decision to have a real portrait in a modern house. It becomes to be popular. Consequently, it is worth to get more familiar with this trend. There are 2 main characteristics of modern portraits, that distinguish them from the old fashion ones.

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Written by: Faylyne
Firstly, they are not that serious. Portraits which most individuals have seen in museums as well as castles, were extremely serious and full of pathos. The reason for it is that portraits were very expensive then. It was actually quite similar to modern passport photo – you need to look good and professional. Why? Because it was a thing which was passed on to next generation. People simply wanted to be remembered as smart and wise people. Therefore, portraits hardly ever presented some smiles or happy moments. Presently, modern portraits from photos are frequently different. People appreciate pictures on which they look happy or positive. Consequently, when they select a picture that would be used for portray, they choose the happy one. Moreover, it is not so strict regarding individuals or items that can be portrayed. Previously, it was reserved mostly for families and the head of the family. At this moment, people order portraits of everything they like – even animals! In consequence, as you can notice, modern portraits are different in such sense, that they are not that serious anymore. The main purpose is to give some good memories for the owner!

Secondly, the methods of creating portraits has changed entirely - source. As already said, modern portrait is usually oil painting from photo.

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Before, people had to sit still for extremely long hours! Otherwise, painter was not able to portray anything. Just imagine, how hard it was to convince small children to sit still while making the family portrait! Nowadays, the whole process is a lot of easier. All you gotta do is to find a company that prepares portraits from photos. Later on, you just need to send them a pic which you wanna have as a portrait. Apparently, you can pick up the style and size of it. Afterward, an artist begins his work.

Sometimes you could even see online how he does your oil painting from photo! After that, you just have to accept the look of the final portrait. If you don’t have any further comment, portrait is framed and send straight to you! If you compare it to the work as well as sacrifice which was required before, the whole process nowadays is so much more convenient!

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