Fine alternatives for vanguard holidays

Right now, Polish people are traveling whole around the planet. We are visiting America, driving on an elephants in India, and do some tours around Athens. All because of cheap airline carriers, which are available for us, after our country became member of EU.

But if you like your vacations to be more extraordinary, here are 2 interesting alternatives for you.
Have you ever visITed Russia? When not, you have to book flights to Petersburg immediately, cause this amazing city is the best. It was founded in the 18th century from the real beginning, as a symbol of
Written by: Ana Paula Hirama
Russian successes in this area of continent (news). Because of that, architecture up here is astonishing. You will find in there not just great pieces of temples, but also a lot of houses and art exhibitions. Flights to Petersburg need to be reserved, just because of the Ermitage Gallery, where you could find pieces of greatest artists in the Europe - Rembrandt, van Delft, Picasso and far more.

Written by: Roman Boed
If you are an admirer of nature, you need to reserve cheap flights to Slovakia. This beautiful country, located close to our southern border, would satisfy anyone, who like to spend holidays in very active way. You'll find in there beautiful landscapes within the mountains, lovely water falls, and ancient forest. When you are just into cheap flights to Slovakia, you need to book your tickets couple months ahead, because this destination is very popular (click for details). Also, do not take registered baggage option - you have to pay for it more. Carry on should be enough.
According of the way you want to spend your summer time, another alternative will be the best for you.

Try Petersburg when you want to explore phenomenal city, stuffed with great pieces of architecture. And if you prefer to get in touch with environment, you need to visit Slovakia, wildlife in there is amazing.
2019-02-02 14:16
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